Futures on FTSE Russell Indexes Toolkit

Use the resources below to start benefiting from the capital efficiency, flexible execution and ease of access provided by CME Group’s new suite of FTSE Russell index futures and enhanced trading functionality.

Information & Resources

The return of Russell to CME Group starts with:

    • Sept. 21: E-mini Russell 1000, Growth and Value Index futures
    • Q3 2017: E-mini Russell 2000 Index products

Information Sheet: FTSE Index Futures – Expand your international exposure through FTSE’s foray into CME markets:

    • FTSE Emerging Markets index futures*
    • FTSE Developed Europe index futures*

* Information sheets will be available soon — upon the finalization of contract specifications.

Information Sheet: Trading Codes and Block Trades –

View this quick reference guide for ticker codes and minimum block requirements.

Information Sheet: Basis Trade at Index Close (BTIC) –
Trade the cash index close in futures form. Available now as a block trade for several indices; premiers on CME Globex with Russell 1000 futures.

Video: Understanding BTIC

Explore the benefits of BTIC in less than four minutes with this brief overview.

Information Sheet: Margin Spread Credits and Methodology – View available margin offsets for select FTSE Russell products vs. other benchmark equity futures.

Information Sheet: Know Your Options -5 Reasons to Trade Options on S&P 500 Futures Discover the benefits of equity index options on S&P 500.

Report: The Big Picture

Cost Comparison of Futures and ETFs – All-in cost analysis shows why futures often are the more economical way to replicate index exposure.

For more information, visit cmegroup.com/ftserussell or contact your sales representative.

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